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The andante media DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT CLG is specialized in publishing and licensing music, and producing customized storage media (Audio CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs). Alongside a comprehensive program of publications for general retail, our productions are very useful for promotions as customer giveaways or employee incentives. Our impressive range of services is equally valued by companies of all sizes in all sectors, from small, family-run firms through the broad base of medium-sized enterprises to the large brands of global corporations. We are also open minded to be involved in different charity projects. We love to support that kind of projects if they are focussed on music, culture, the protection of nature and the musical education of children. 

Beside the main line of business - the music publishing - the company now develops and supplies full service concepts for ‘music and audiobook downloads’ as simple yet innovative online incentives.

From regular landing pages to interactive tools, the modular, database-driven online tools offer the perfect solution for every marketing goal. Non-physical content is now an established product that has been well received by the wider public and its value is universally accepted. The ‘Online Musical Advent Calendar’ utilizes music and audiobook downloads to offer an innovative, cost-effective, and above all ecofriendly gift that is particularly sustainable. A 24-hour setup period is all that is required to provide our company clients with a personalized calendar – all in keeping with a specific CI, incorporating company themes, tailored content and slogans.


We call it Green Christmas

Environmental protection is a complex issue that is one of the most important topics of the 21st century

The tradition of giving gifts at Christmas is a long one, and is part of our cultural heritage that we are keen to preserve – but must it really always go hand in hand with mountains of packaging waste, costly postage costs and long-distance transport routes? Through our ‘Online Musical Advent Calendar’, we want to offer companies an alternative way of giving that is sophisticated, straightforward and environmentally-friendly. And one that is international. Whether for business partners, deserving employees or valued customers – easily scalable content designed to appeal to specific target groups can be created for any audience.

At the same time, it also has a lasting, positive effect on a company’s carbon footprint. A ‘Green Christmas’ to all of us!

Screenshot - Green Christmas Book - Online Incentive by andante media - all rights reserved 2016!